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PostSubject: Announcements   Announcements EmptyMon Jan 14, 2019 10:24 pm

Exciting news:   1/14/2019

We gained another member outside of WolfQuest! Our pack is increasing in numbers quickly, which is so very exciting. Be sure to say hello to Lupe on the website when you see him. In other announcements, the roleplay locations are up and ready! Please feel free to make your entrance in whatever way you'd like... the more creative, the better! I have now made a post in the roleplay, so if you're feeling stuck, play off that or feel free to message me in the chat/by private message!

Everyone will need to have a biography up before making their first post in the roleplay, so if it's a work in progress it is alright to post what you have and come back to it later!

Lastly, I am having an artsy friend draw up our territory map! I think it will be nice to have something personalized that we can reference for our roleplaying needs. It will be finished and posted tomorrow evening!


I applied for our pack to become pack friends with the Coastal Cliffs Pack. They are active, and I hope that some of their members may also decide to join us. It could also open up the potential for future roleplay plots! I hope the request will be accepted in the coming days.

WolfQuest Thread:
Website Link:

You may notice the website is looking a little different! I am working on coding everything to make it more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. I'm also trying to use more of our pack colors. I'll be fiddling around with it quite a bit, and hopefully things will settle down soon!
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